Spiritual Energy Healing


Holistic-spiritual energy clearing and healing techniques

  • Dissolving blockages of any kind
  • Resolving traumas: spiritual, mental emotional and physical (layer by layer)
  • Energize and revitalize body parts that suffered injury or surgery
  • Clearing of old residue and attachments

All treatments include an “addressing and tuning in” counseling conversation of 5-15m before the actual treatment. Unless the type of treatment is crystal clear right from the beginning, it will be adapted to the actual need based on the conversation. The treatments are powerful and go deep.

Aura cleansing with fire – Clearing of energetic attachments and removing of blockages (10+20+5min./35min.).

De-jamming of scars plus optional crystal treatment to boost energy flow – The shock and/or trauma are addressed before the treatment in a conversation. Depending on the scar type, repetitive treatments are necessary:

Scar TypeNumber of treatments
Sowed 3-4 times
Burns 6-10 times
Cuts 1-2 times
Navel 4-6 times

Treatments follow each other within 2-3 weeks (10+20-30+10 min./per scar/50min.). This method is electric/magnetic and hands-on. A pen is used to draw +/- onto your skin at the location of the scar.

Atlas energetic alignment – Deep gentle profound results by realigning the atlas. All the other skeletal structure follows into alignment. Thereby removing core blockages in all of the interconnected systems (15min). You lay down on a mattress and relax. The method is hands-on your neck.

Guided clearing – Process of core issues and healing with crystal wands. Facilitates clearing with a guided process to clear the spiritual, mental, emotional physical bodies by accessing the core patterning consciously to bring in deeper levels of awareness(10+5-10+10+5min. /40min.).

Crystal alignment treatment – Crystals are strategically placed on and/or around the body in specific patterns to facilitate greater energetic alignment and re-patterning to facilitate change of core intention. Increasing of energy flow in problem zones of the body and removing blockages (10+15+5+5min. /40min.).

Healing discs (with crystal) – Clearing, physical alignments of traumatized, injured or sick body parts (5-10+15+5min. /30min.).

Energy balancing – Laying on of hands on treatment to balance all parts of body consciousness. Question: What is it that you need to resolve for you? Deep gentle, calming and relaxing (5-10+20+5+5min. /40min.).

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I am looking forward to help and support human beings so that they can help themselves, develop their talents and gifts, and also share them with others.

Harry graduated from a two years intensive spiritual healing school called “Spirit Healing” (by Ruedi Schmid) in 2006, Switzerland.

Testimonial – dejamming scar treatment
16 years ago I was in a fatal car accident where as a result I had reconstructive surgery on my right knee. Since whenever it rains or I hike over 2 hours I have intense pain. During the dejamming of scars I coulf feel immediate reconnection of energy lines and increased energy in my knee area. Some areas were even painful to the touch of the process. I feel into a deep theta sleep for awhile and felt renewed when I awoke. The next day we went on a 5 hour hike round trip. I realized the next day it was the first time I had not felt any pain at all since before the accident. Wow, no pain at all in my knee incredible. I can’t wait for the next treatment what else is possible?
Isha Doellgast

Kauai Hawaii


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