Holographic Universe

Holographic Universe

Planet Earth – Gaia – is reflecting an abundance of life forms to human perception. The fractal and holographic nature of nature itself contains all information of all forms present in this universe. The pictures of these wonderful nature spirit beings also demonstrate that we might not know yet about all the life forms which are present, are living next to us and eventually interact with us. You are invited to an exciting journey of discovery and holographic self-reflection.

One of the explanations why the nature spirit beings can be made visible by mirroring images at specific lines is that they appear to human perception as half physical. The other half is ethereal. Human beings and most of the animals have both sides manifested in the physical and therefore have a different consciousness and vibratory frequencies.

Another more general approach to an understanding might be that everything, whether we consider it alive or dead, bears consciousness and has a purpose. The sacred geometries can be found everywhere in nature. It does not matter whether we look at a solid stone, a dynamic fire, a playful waterfall, a static tree or constantly changing cloud formations.


I invite you to join me in considering the following:

It is important to have a “technical” explanation which is based on holographic projection and fractal design.

All appearances and forms a human being is able to perceive, are already within the human being and it is only a matter of focus.

Consciousness is evolving by forming and inhabiting bodies with specific focuses. The bodies as such are either more or less advanced “hearts” or donut shaped tori projecting holography “outwards”.

We are the universe in its completeness and our reality is a reflection of what we focus on, which creates “an experience” for an individual.

We can link “technical” explanations with myths, legends and fairy tales being brought forward all around the world which are closely tying into nature religions, shamanism and occultism as well.

We can bring together what appeared to be separate and bridge spirituality and sciences.


Earth Element: The earth element is the most static. If not combined with plants or water, the stone spirits can be perceived as meditating in kind of a samadhi state, holding specific energy patterns and frequencies in place. If combined with moss, ferns, bushes and trees they become much more vivid and send out nurturing and replenishing energies to the observer.

Fire Element: The fire element is the most dynamic. In the pictures, the spirits are usually combined with all other elements. As the fire spirit is taking over command of the setting, it all starts to transform rapidly, mercilessly and unstoppable. Fires have a gauss curve dynamics and need to be activated. With clear intentions, an observer and fire guardian can have highly transforming and healing experiences.

Water Element: The water element is the most conductive. Water bears and brings life! The more water we have the more awake and alive the spirits appear. The gentleness, wisdom and love that the water spirits emanate deeply touch our souls.

(Optional: Human bodies consist of water by a high percentage and water is the medium that can be programmed with anything one could think about. Being in resonance with “water programs” can be challenging or calming, contracting or expanding, and draining or nurturing).

Air Element: The air element is the most supportive. Without water, earth or fire in it, we cannot see the air, but feel the touch, smell or hear the sounds only. The air spirits are observers, carriers and messengers. They herald the messages of the setting, transport the other elements or collaborate with them. What’s happening?

Ether Element: The ether element the most pervasive. If one of the four base elements is present then the ethereal part of it was there before. Consciousness in spirit form “sends” thoughts and emotions, ideas and concepts first “ethe-real” before an actual “physical-real” manifestation. Here we can expand into how mother nature is organizing and maintaining itself and what else is possible!


The void: The great void contains everything that is un-manifested. It first sounds like a contradiction, but without the void nothing could be manifested.

In the void all is one.

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